MAPC Open House: Come one, come all…

Calling all of Metro Boston’s residents, community leaders, planning students, city/town officials, energy buffs, bike advocates, data geeks and more. Come one come all to the Metropolitan Area Planning Council’s 2012 Open House!

Drop in, pick up your “Passport” and be lead through the maze of MAPC’s work.  Not only will you learn about our previous projects and upcoming endeavors you will have fun doing it! Play games, collect raffle tickets and win some local prizes!

Not convinced? Need more of a nudge?

Here are my top 10 reasons why you should visit MAPC:

1.  What is smart growth anyway?

We are always talking about smart growth and regional collaboration. Come find out what that actually means and looks like.

2.  We have one of the best things to come to Boston since the cream pie: Hubway

Come check out and ride a Hubway bike! Sign up for a membership or even better…win a 1 year membership!

3.  Maps, Maps & More Maps

Be the first to use the next generation of the online MetroBoston DataCommon mapping tool, 2.0!

4.  “Homeland”…not just the best new drama series on television

MAPC’s very own Homeland is keeping you safe! How? Our Homeland Security team can tell you all about it.

5.  You will save money

By saving energy! Learn about all the new programs out there for your communities to take advantage of.

6.  You are a trail buff but do not know where to go?

Pick up a free Regional Trail Map or learn how to map your own route online.

7.  Back to the future…

Find out what we want Metro Boston to look like in 2030 with MetroFuture our bold yet achievable 30 year plan improving the lives of the people that live and work here one step at a time.

8.  Have you always wanted to own a fire truck?

Okay, okay…we don’t have fire trucks to sell but we can tell you how cities and towns can purchase them.

9. Did we mention prizes?

Walk away with tickets to the MFA….or maybe if you are really lucky a Basket of Localness: Fluff, Teddie Peaunt Butter, Taza Chocolate, G.H. Bent’s Crackers, local jam and more!

10. Other people will be there too!

Meet people from all over the region, exchange ideas, find out of there is a project near you in 2012 and make a difference in your own community!

-Emily Torres-Cullinane, MetroFuture Community Liason