Participants wanted: MAPC Basemap

Publishing geographic information and data online in form of interactive maps has become increasingly important for MAPC over the last few years. This spring we were working with cartographers from Axis Maps to design a MAPC Basemap that can be used as background map to provide basic orientation in the Metro Boston Area, but also doesn’t interfere with other information and data that we would like to show as overlay on top of the Basemap. Our new Basemap will be gradually rolled out to all of our online mapping resources in the next months. We hope this initiative will support a unified MAPC user experience for our online portfolio.

If you or your organization is interested in using our Basemap in your online map, you can do this easily either by

  • adding the MAPC layer type to your JavaScript map (see further instructions)
  • or by embedding the map like the map below (see source to get the HTML code)

If you’re interested in modifying or improving the Basemap cartography, which we would highly appreciate, or if you have suggestions, you can go to our Github account and download the Basemap TileMill project to work on yourself or submit and let us know about your ideas.

We’re also hosting an Avid Geo Meetup on Thursday June 14th, 6pm, here at MAPC where we explain the entire tool chain that is involved for producing our Basemap. RSVP and stop by if you’re interested.