Webinar: Pool Testing for COVID-19

"Pool testing"—batching samples together and retesting individually if a result is positive—is a way for municipalities and schools to work together to provide regular, frequent, and cost-effective COVID-19 testing.

In this December 14 webinar, attendees heard about a pool testing program led by Tufts University with Somerville and Medford Public Schools, as well as programs in Salem and Wellesley.

Our speakers included:

  • Mayor Joe Curtatone, City of Somerville
  • Mayor Kim Driscoll, City of Salem
  • Mayor Breanna Lungo-Koehn, City of Medford
  • Dr. David Lussier, Superintendent of Wellesley Public Schools
  • Anthony Monaco, President of Tufts University
  • Caroline Genco, Tufts University Vice Provost for Research
  • Chris Sedore, Tufts University Vice President for Information Technology & CIO

If you'd like to learn more about pool testing, check out the presenations and resources below or email MAPC Public Health Director Barry Keppard at

Webinar Resources