Spark: Weigh in On MetroCommon 2050 Goals

Spark header: May 2, 2019

There are some things your Greater Boston city or town can’t do on its own. Those issues are bigger than any one place, and working on them will take a plan. MetroCommon 2050 is just that: Greater Boston’s next regional plan. Your city or town is already involved. We want you to be in on it, too! This is Spark, a publication of MetroCommon 2050. Every month or so, Spark will bring you big ideas about the future – and ask you to weigh in!

Want to learn more about MetroCommon before you take the survey? Watch our video at the bottom of the page!

See the Draft Goals – and Weigh In

Over four months, hundreds of people from everywhere in the region have told us what they want for Greater Boston's future. MAPC took all the ideas and hopes and grouped them into draft goals. Now we want to know if we got it right. Do the goals talk about a future that you want? And if not, how should the goals change?

With your feedback, we'll perfect our vision for 2050 and start planning how to get there! The final MetroCommon 2050 plan will include recommended actions that can be taken by state and local governments, institution, nonprofits, the private sector, and individuals. It will also include metrics so we can track our progress as we try to achieve the goals we set ourselves.

With your help, the plan will be bold, it will be right for the region, and it will lead to real change. For even more information, visit the MetroCommon 2050 Digital Hub.

And now, on to the draft goals! (If the embedded survey below isn't displaying or you want a full web browser view, click here.)

Learn More About MetroCommon

What is MetroCommon 2050? Watch our video to find out!