Staying (stair)well

In a fierce, bareknuckle clash of the titans, MAPC competed last week to see which floor could climb the most stairs. Honor was at stake. So was a Top Banana trophy.

Losing. Was. Not. An. Option.

The crazed competition was hosted by MAPC’s Public Health Division to celebrate National Public Health Week to promote positive social, mental, and physical health in the office. Taking the stairs increases physical activity, promotes general human health, and reduces our environmental impact. Not to mention, a little friendly competition fosters new and stronger relationships among colleagues.

with mascots

At MAPC, we love data, so the competition was scored based on the average number of stairs walked up and down per person. Collectively, MAPC climbed over 2,000 flights of stairs in a single week. We did a little math and guess what? That’s about the same height as Mount Everest!

There was some seriously healthy competition and each floor held the lead for at least one day. In the end, the fourth floor surpassed the rest with an average of 86.1 flights per person for the week. Congratulations guys! We should have predicted the monkeys would leave no stair unclimbed to get their banana.

top banana

Learn more about all the amazing work our public health team does year-round on our website.


*National Public Health Week is organized by the American Public Health Association and is focused on making the U.S. the Healthiest Nation in One Generation – by 2030. To find out more about this initiative and NPHW – visit