"The Spirit of Massachusetts"

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is known for many things; our universities, sports teams, even our unique driving style. Occasionally, the state will adopt an emblem as an official state symbol. For example, we have an official state berry (cranberry), folk hero (Johnny Appleseed), and yes, doughnut (Boston cream). As representative as these are, MAPC’s Government Affairs team felt they don’t go far enough. That’s why they asked attendees at this year’s Open House to suggest some new official state symbols. Here’s a round-up of the top (and most topical) suggestions.

Credit Marilyn Humphries
Courtesy Marilyn Humphries
  • Official state apple: Common(wealth) Core
  • Official state beer: Mayflower IPA
  • Official state bicycle trail: Mass Central Rail Trail
  • Official state boat: “The Spirit of Massachusetts” schooner
  • Official state hobby: shoveling snow
  • Official state holiday: Allston Christmas

  • Official state ice cream: Dunkin’ Donuts coffee flavored ice cream
  • Official state rock song (submission 1): “Dirty Water” by the Standells
  • Official state rock song (submission 2): “Shipping Up to Boston” as performed by the Dropkick Murphy’s
  • Official state rock song (submission 3): “Roadrunner” by the Modern Lovers
  • Official state rodent: rat
Courtesy Marilyn Humphries
Courtesy Marilyn Humphries
  • Official state soup: clam chowder
  • Official state space saver: patio chair
  • Official state sporting event anthem: “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond
  • Official state spring activity: road repair
  • Official state water transport: swan boat