Planning101: Transportation


Planning101 is a space for MAPC staff to share their wealth of knowledge on topics related to smart growth and regional collaboration. This blog covers a diverse range of issues that include transportation, clean energy, land use, environment, public health, local government, equity, the innovative usage of public data, and the process of creating digital tools.

MassTrails, Landline, and Connecting Our Region

November 14, 2018

Earlier this month, the Baker-Polito administration officially announced an exciting new program: MassTrails, which will provide funding and resources to […]

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Fleets for the Future at MAPC: What We Achieved & What’s Up Next

October 23, 2018

Adding electric, hybrid, and other alternative fuel vehicles to municipal fleets reduces carbon emissions while cutting spending on gasoline and […]

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How Have Public Agencies and Nonprofits Partnered with TNCs?

September 17, 2018

Download a Comprehensive Summary of the Ride-Hailing Partnerships Discussed Jermaine F. Williams, Troy McHenry, Sandra Robinson, Joanne Laferrara, and Sandy […]

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14 Cities and Towns, MassDOT, and DCR Sign Regional Autonomous Vehicles Agreement

June 22, 2018

Companies looking to test autonomous vehicles on Massachusetts roads will now have a much easier time experimenting on a variety […]

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How Can We Fix This? How MAPC’s Data Helped Boston Make A Bus Line Faster

June 8, 2018

Ninety-four percent satisfaction is hard to reach with any project. But a four-week pilot for a transit lane along a […]

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Share of Choices: New Ride-hailing Research Brief

June 1, 2018

For every five people who get on an MBTA bus or train in the Inner Core, one person hops into […]

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