Cool it with Art

Cool it with Art

A How-To Guide for Tackling Rising Temperatures
with Art in Our Communities

Cool it with Art

Cool It with Art: A How-To Guide for Tackling Rising Temperatures with Art in Our Communities is a guide for local governments, community-based organizations, and artists interested in working together to promote creative approaches to address climate-driven extreme heat impacts and to promote healthy, climate resilient communities.

As cities across the country experience more frequent and intense weather events due to climate change, the arts can help support climate resilience efforts. Collaborations with artists and creatives can enhance resilience to all types of climate hazards, from flooding to hurricanes to extreme heat, by transforming infrastructure into art, increasing community awareness of preparedness activities, and enhancing local knowledge of climate risk.

This Guide contains information, resources, and practical guidance to increase awareness of heat risks and precedents for creative heat resilience interventions and to help support implementation of these types of projects.

The Metropolitan Area Planning Council is eager to support artistic collaborations for heat resilience. Please contact our Arts & Culture Department if you need support in using this guide or want to see your creative resilience project featured among the provided examples.

Want to learn more about extreme heat? Visit our Extreme Heat webpage for more resources and to learn about heat resilience projects in the region.

The Guide

Download the full guide below, which includes information on heat risks, types of interventions, and why using art and artists can help tackle rising temperatures. You'll also learn about project implementation, including project development, procurement, funding, evaluation, and more.

Project Examples

We've compiled a selection of creative heat resilience project examples. Click through for brief descriptions, photos, and videos to inspire your own creative resilience interventions.