Medford Square Master Plan

Medford Square, with a large clock in the foreground
Medford Square Master Plan


Promoting Smart Growth & Regional Planning

December 2017

Medford Square Master Plan

Medford Square is positioned to leverage new investment in mixed-use and walkable districts to invigorate vitality, expand access to health and cultural resources, and activate a revitalized downtown that offers a concentration of opportunities for life, work, and play in Medford and the surrounding area.

The City of Medford's Office of Community Development partnered with the Metropolitan Area Planning Council to prepare the Medford Square Master Plan to guide economic development and physical improvements in the area. The Master Plan effort is part of the Community Compact signed with Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito in 2016.

The Master Plan defines coordinated strategies and actions that focus on immediate improvements and positioning Medford Square for long-term success. The major areas of focus include economic development and vitality, land use and sense of place, transportation and connectivity, and open space and quality of life.