Climate Resilient Land Use: Site Plan Review

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Climate Resilient Land Use: Site Plan Review

Site Plan Review

Many communities utilize Site Plan Review to establish design standards for development. Site Plan Review offers an opportunity to ensure that future climate risks are identified and receive careful review.

This page provides short summaries of key features of regulations based on desktop review. Links to the regulations are provided below. Conduct careful review when considering adopting new language. The resources included do not constitute legal advice. Municipalities should consult legal counsel when adopting new bylaws, ordinances, and policies.

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Strategies to Incorporate Climate Resilience in Site Plan Review

Consider Future Sea Level Rise

Hull’s design guidelines (410-4.1) includes “protection against flood damage on site and protection against flood impacts to adjoining properties, taking into consideration current conditions and the potential for future sea level rise”. Additional guidance provides that “special attention shall be given to maintaining the natural capacity of the land to prevent or reduce flooding. Structures, including fill, shall be designed with special attention to minimizing the potential for property damage from flooding and the re-direction of flood waters to other locations.”

Incorporate Resilience and Sustainability