Announcing MetroCommon May

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MetroCommon 2050 is the next land use and policy plan for the people who live and work in Greater Boston. At its core will be bold, actionable recommendations. These recommendations – especially for state and local government – will play a critical role in reaching our goals in the next 10, 20, and 30 years.  

MAPC's “MetroCommon May” is a month dedicated to collecting feedback on these recommendations and other parts of the plan. In addition to a survey to gather detailed feedback on what policies can help Greater Boston achieve its collective goals, we’ll highlight MetroCommon at events we host throughout the month – so don’t be surprised if it gets a quick mention in the next MAPC webinar you attend! 

Ways to Get Involved in MetroCommon May

Watch “Living Together,” a short film telling the stories of six Greater Boston residents, their lived experience, and their hopes for the place we all call home. Watch here.

Weigh in on the draft policy recommendations  

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Learn more about MetroCommon! 

Reocommendations Feedback

Click here to take the survey on our draft MetroCommon 2050 recommendations 

For the past three years, we’ve gathered opinions from thousands throughout the region: people of different ages, backgrounds, racial and ethnic backgrounds, walks of life, and perspectives. This allowed us to confirm that our goals reflect Greater Boston’s hopes and dreams and that our view of the problems that need to be solved is correct. We’ve also conducted extensive original research and explored big trends and shifts – like changing demographics and emerging technologies – that could force us to shift our priorities for action. 

On the basis of this work, we built a series of specific recommendations in five areas: equity of wealth and health, climate mitigation and resiliency, homes for everyone, inclusive growth and mobility, and dynamic and representative government.  

Click the links below to read more about each recommendation, and/or take the survey here to tell us what you think! 

Equity of Wealth and Health 

Enable wealth creation and intergenerational wealth transfer.  

Prepare workers for quality jobs across a changing set of opportunities.  

Grow local businesses and explore the role of large employers.  

Reverse the rising rate of chronic diseases, particularly among populations experiencing health inequities.

Ensure all residents are provided equal protection by law enforcement and the justice system. (to be released)  

Climate Mitigation and Resiliency 

Accelerate the transition to a clean energy future.  

Decarbonize the building and transportation sectors.  

Prepare for and respond to the threats of climate change.  

Address regional water challenges.

Homes for Everyone 

Accelerate the production of diverse housing types, particularly deed-restricted affordable housing, throughout the region. Focus on transit-oriented, climate resilient and other smart growth locations.

Ensure that people of all races and income levels have equal access to affordable housing through homeownership and rental opportunities.

Expand protections against displacement for low-income communities, communities of color, and renters. 

Inclusive Growth and Mobility 

Improve transportation accessibility and regional connectivity.   

Reduce vehicle miles traveled and the need for single-occupant vehicle travel through increased development in transit-oriented areas and walkable centers. 

Ensure land preservation, conservation, and access to recreational spaces.  

Create incentives for cultural development and preservation, public art, and public realm design.

Dynamic and Representative Government 

Make government more participatory and inclusive.     

Improve local capacity and service delivery.  

Improve regional coordination and partnerships for infrastructure and services.  

Expand and improve the way we finance local and regional government. (to be released)