Charlie's Corner: Federal transportation legislation roundup

As we enter April, a 9th(!) extension of the federal transportation authorization bill begins. There was some progress in March, though: The Senate passed a two-year authorization bill 74-22 (both Senators Brown and Kerry voted in the majority). Here’s a summary. Some analysts were bigger fans than others.

The House of Representatives pulled back its proposed five-year bill because it didn’t have the votes, and while there was some movement to either redraft and take up a five-year bill or take up the Senate bill, neither occurred, and the House finds itself still very much in flux. The President used his weekly address to push for a bill. A 90-day extension ended up being necessary, and passed at nearly the last minute.

Here’s a roundup of recent articles related to the federal transportation bill:

1. As bills stall, potholes are ahead – March 4 – Politico

2. Broad coalition leans on Congress to pass transportation spending bill – March 6 – The Hill

3. Cloture Vote on Transpo Bill Fails, Setting Up Longer Fight in Senate – March 6 – Streetsblog

4. Senate OKs highway bill – March 14 – Politico

5. Senate Democrats stop short of saying they’d reject short-term highway bill – March 21 – The Hill

6. What’s Next for the Transportation Bill? – March 29 – National Journal

7. Transportation advocates see little hope for pre-election long-term highway bill – April 1 – The Hill

8. As bills stall, potholes are ahead – March 4 – Politico


-Charlie Ticotsky, MAPC Government Affairs Coordinator