Five MAPC Priorities in Final House Budget

Massachusetts House of Representatives Finalizes FY2019 State Budget Proposal

Last week, the Massachusetts House of Representatives concluded it FY2019 budget debate by passing its $41 billion budget proposal. After four days of debate, the House added $81.4 million to its budget through amendments.

During the debate, the legislature took up five of MAPC’s key priorities:

  • Rep. Paul Donato’s amendment to restore dedicated funding for District Local Technical Assistance (DLTA) was adopted at $2.8 million (1599-0026);
  • Rep. Adrian Madaro’s amendment to increase funding for the Shannon Grant Program was adopted at $7 million, an increase of $1 million over FY18 (8100-0111);
  • Rep. Bill Straus’s  amendment to provide municipalities with the option to adopt value capture financing, a tool to raise local revenue towards local infrastructure, was adopted (new outside section);
  • Rep. Sarah Peake’s amendment to increase funding for Regional Transportation Authorities was adopted with an additional $2 million and new requirements on how the funding is distributed (1595-6370); and
  • Rep. Daniel Donahue’s amendment to increase funding for the MA Food Trust was adopted (2511-0100).

To read about all of MAPC’s priority budget amendments, click here.

Thank you to all our amendment sponsors and co-sponsors, Chairman Jeffrey Sánchez, and Speaker Robert DeLeo for supporting these programs in the FY2019 budget!

What’s up next? The Senate Committee on Ways and Means is expected to release their budget proposal on Thursday, May 10.