FY 2024 Budget: How MAPC Priorities Fared

FY2024 Budget: How MAPC Priorities Fared

MAPC thanks Governor Healey for approving a FY2024 budget that increases or maintains funding for key MAPC priorities, including the District Local Technical Assistance program, Shannon Grant, and more. 

August 18, 2023 - Governor Healey signed her first budget into law on August 9. The legislation includes $55.98 billion in appropriations, including many increased investments in smart growth and regional planning priorities. 

MAPC thanks Governor Healey for approving a FY2024 budget that increases or maintains funding for key MAPC priorities, including the District Local Technical Assistance program, Shannon Grant, and more. 

MAPC is grateful for the leadership of Speaker Ron Mariano, Senate President Karen Spilka, House Ways and Means Chair Aaron Michlewitz, and Senate Ways and Means Chair Michael Rodrigues and all of the conferees for reaching the budget agreement. 

MAPC would also like to thank our legislative champions who worked hard to ensure that smart growth and regional collaboration funding was a priority during the budget debate over the last six months: Representative Paul Donato, Representative Adrian Madaro, Senator DiDomenico, and Senator Eldridge. 


District Local Technical Assistance (DLTA)

The DLTA program provides technical assistance to cities and towns across the state on a wide range of land use and planning functions. DLTA remains funded at $3 million and an additional $2 million was included for RPAs (Regional Planning Agencies) to assist municipalities with federal grant opportunities.  

Shannon Community Safety Initiative

The Shannon Grant, which provides funds for municipalities to address youth gang violence prevention, is funded at $12.8 million.  This is a $500,000 increase from last year’s funding level. This additional funding will allow Shannon Grant partners to bolster programs and services to address the needs of a growing region, changing communities, and spikes in crime. We are so grateful to the Legislature and Governor for recognizing the importance of this program. 


A summary of other key priorities is below. The full text of the final FY2024 budget can be found here. 

Education and Transportation Fund 

This is the first year that funding will be available as a result of the passage of the Fair Share Amendment. This new fund allocates $1 billion for education and transportation priorities with $524 million going towards education and $477 million going towards transportation. Highlights include $180.8 million for MBTA infrastructure, $5 million for the MBTA to research the feasibility of means-tested fare program, $100 million in supplemental funding for the MSBA, and $50 million for the installation of clean energy infrastructure at K-12 schools.  

Universal School Meals 

MAPC is pleased to see Massachusetts become the 8th state to provide permanent universal free school meals for K-12 students. The program is funded at $176 million, a $61 million (53%) increase over FY23. This program was a lifeline for families during the pandemic and will continue to save families as much as $1,200 per year and make sure that students in need do not go hungry. 


The budget includes $20 million dollars for students that are at least 25 years old without a college degree to attend community college for free. This program was also funded through the Fair Share Amendment.  

Healthy Incentives Program (HIP) 

We are excited to see that HIP received $4.9 million in the final budget, a $1 million increase over FY23. This program provides a dollar-for-dollar match for each SNAP dollar spent on fruits and vegetables at farmers markets, farm stands, and Community Supported Agriculture Programs. 

Efficiency And Regionalization Grants and Community Compact 

While MAPC requested $2 million—in line with the FY23 budget, these programs received only $600,000 within the 1599-0026 account.  

Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program (MRVP) 

The FY24 budget funded this important line item at $179 million, a $25 million increase over FY23. This program has long been a priority of MAPC. Through a combination of project-based vouchers and mobile vouchers, MRVP helps to move homeless families and individuals out of motels, off waiting lists, and into decent homes they can afford. 

Regional Transit Authorities 

The FY24 budget includes $94 million in RTA funding through line item 1595-6370, which is a $2.5 million reduction over the previous year. However, $56 million was also included to support operational enhancements and improvements, including expanded service hours and route expansions, and $15 million for the continuation of a fare-free pilot program.  

Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection  

MAPC is glad to see MassDEP funded at $52 million, which is $7 million more than was allocated last year. This funding will help the department staff to complete their often complex and highly technical work. 

FY24 Budget: On August 8, 2023, Governor Healey signed the FY24 budget into law. This follows the House and Senate finalizing their own versions of the budget and reconciling those into one document that was sent to the Governor for her consideration 
Program   FY24 - Request  FY24 - Governor Budget   FY24 - House Budget  FY24 – Senate Ways and Means  FY 24 Senate Budget  FY 24 Conference Committee Budget 
Senator Charles Shannon Community Safety Initiative   $13.4 million  $12.3 million  $12.3 million  $12.3 million 


$12.8 million  $12.8 million 


District Local Technical Assistance   $4.5 million  $3 million  $3 million  $3 million 


$3 million  $3 million 
Community Compact Grants   $4 million  $8 million  $0  $0  $0  $0 
Efficiency and Regionalization Grant  $2 million  $2 million  $600,000  $0  $0  $600,000 
Federal Grant Technical Assistance  $2 million 


$2 million   $0  $2 million 


$2 million  $2 million