MetroCommon 2050 Short Film: Living Together

"Our region thrives when its people do, and our people thrive when their families and social networks are strong, and when their schools, governments, and jobs support them."

In Mariona Lloreta's new short film, "Living Together," residents of Cambridge, Framingham, Natick, Quincy, and Somerville reflect on why they live where they do, their experiences living in their communities, and their hopes and concerns for the region’s future.

At MAPC, we’ve spent three years listening to stories like these as we've created MetroCommon 2050, Greater Boston’s next long-range regional plan. We’ve heard the voices of thousands of people of different ages, races, walks of life, and perspectives. The stories of Keisha Greaves of Cambridge, Edwin Mena of Framingham, Jimmy Liang of Quincy, Patricia Tierney of Newton, and Gabriela and Javiera Garcia of Somerville are a small sample of what we've gathered as we plan how to create a better future, together.  

The premiere kicks off the MAPC’s last month of gathering feedback on MetroCommon 2050, a long-range action plan for local and state governments, residents, and businesses. The successor of MetroFuture, created by MAPC in 2008, MetroCommon 2050 is the result of three years of in-depth research, as well as interviews with residents, local planners, and municipal and state leaders to explore what they would like life in Greater Boston to be like in 2050. The release of "Living Together" kicks off a month of gathering feedback on policy recommendations to meet those goals in advance of expected final approval of the plan later this year. Read and respond to our policy recommendations here!