Our trailmap, your trailmap

Part of our work to support healthier transportation modes is to collect and publish information about walking and cycling facilities (paths, bike lanes, cycle tracks, Hubway stations, etc.) in our region. This year MAPC released the second update of the Greater Boston Cycling and Walking trailmap, available for free in print and online at

The new print map comes in a slightly different layout, showing the Metro Area on one side and the entire MAPC Region on the other side of the map.

The design of the online map was also updated and adds mainly two new improvements that help you access and share the map more conveniently:

Include the Trailmap on your website 

You can now embed the map and include it on your website. To do so, go to, zoom and pan the map to the location you would like to show and click the “Embed” link in the top bar. You’ll find a short HTML code-snippet that you can copy and paste into your website, and it will be displayed as the embedded map below:

View larger Trailmap

Improved mobile version

If you’re outdoors and are looking for trails, bike lanes or other facilities nearby, you can point your smartphone to our trailmap site that is optimized for mobile devices.

The mobile version of our trailmap uses the GPS of your smartphone to zoom the map to your location. Tap the “Locate” button in the upper left corner of the screen to toggle that functionality and the displayed location radius.


To have the Trailmap easily accessible on your smartphone, you can add a bookmark for it to your home screen.



We’re always working on improving and expanding on the tools we offer for accessing data and helping you make healthy transportation choices. Your feedback is important to that process, which is why we’ve included the “Add Feedback” option on the website, which allows you to add comments about a specific portion of the map. You can also contact MAPC staff to ask questions or make suggestions for future improvements.

-Christian Spanring, GIS Developer at MAPC