Shipping Container to Interactive Exhibit: Housing> at HUBweek


Eastern Massachusetts faces a housing shortage that threatens our families and communities, our economic prospects, and our quality of life. Communities are working to create vibrant, walkable neighborhoods where people want to – and can afford to – live and work. But that takes homes to live in! MAPC explores these issues and more in a participatory installation at HUBweek: Housing>.

This week, members of MAPC’s Arts & Culture, Data Services, and Housing teams transformed a shipping container into an interactive exhibit on the housing crisis. Part of HUBweek’s Container Village, the installation connects to new Metro Boston housing goals announced last week.


MAPC supports regional collaboration by helping communities work together to advance their goals. Besides facilitating the Metro Mayors housing compact, MAPC collects, interprets, and shares housing data. We advocate at the state level for legislation to help promote our housing goals, and work with municipalities to create the housing they need.


Check out Housing> any time between Wednesday, Oct. 9 and Sunday, Oct. 14. The best part? You can visit for free! The installation is part of “The Hub,” which you can enter with a free general admission pass. Come hear locals’ stories, talk to us about your experiences with housing, and check out other installations!

Thank you:

Daniel Solomon Koff
Lead Designer

Carolyn Lewenberg &
Tim Lorenzo
Design and Fabrication Assistance

Francis Goyes, John Gilbert, & Kit Un
Design Assistance

Open Architecture Collaborative of the Boston Society of Architects
Design Consultation

Caitlin Spence

Isabel Harrison
Lead Builder

Zach Davenport
Assistant Builder

MAPC's Housing> exhibit at HUBweek examines the past, present, and potential future of housing in the region.

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