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Photo Credit John Wilcox
Photo Credit John Wilcox

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Transportation & Climate Initiative

In New England, transportation is responsible for over 40% of greenhouse gas emissions. That could soon improve, thanks to a historic partnership between Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Washington, D.C. to reduce carbon emissions and build a greener, more equitable transportation system.

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The Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI) Program, a carbon cap-and-invest system announced yesterday, will help the Commonwealth tackle transportation's role in carbon emissions, improve air quality, and raise revenue for essential investments in a sustainable system.

Under the TCI program, gas and diesel fuel suppliers will pay for carbon emissions, even as we decrease the amount of allowable emissions. In total, the program is projected to reduce vehicle pollution by at least 26% and generate over $1.8 billion in Massachusetts by 2031.

MAPC is very glad to see to see that the TCI program will allocate 35% of annual revenue to investments in communities underserved by transit and with disproportionately high levels of pollution. The COVID-19 pandemic has emphasized the connection between our changing climate and health disparities, heightening the urgency to reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality in our most vulnerable communities. MAPC will work to make sure that these investments really benefit those they're intended to help.

Once the Commonwealth is safely able to reopen, we cannot afford to return to congestion-choked roadways and a chronically underfunded public transit system. TCI is an important program that will generate some of the revenue we need to make sure that our transportation system doesn't hold us back from revitalizing our economy, getting people back to work, and reducing transportation emissions.

MAPC applauds the Baker Administration for leading this historic effort. Click here to read our full statement.