The Weave data visualization platform: how to get a free training and a free account

Originally published on the blog of Deborah Elizabeth Finn

Metro Boston Data Common training

Heads up, mission-based organizations in Massachusetts!   Powerful data visualization tools(and the skills to use them) are within your reach.

For free.

Thanks to the MetroBoston DataCommon, all you need to get started is to sign up for one of their trainings.  The DataCommon is a joint project of the Metropolitan Area Planning Counciland the Boston Indicators Project; if you’ve been admiring not only the insights but the great graphics that you find on the latter’s web site, then you’ll have no trouble seeing the value of the free training.

An enormous added value of taking the MetroBoston DataCommon training is that they walk you through the process of creating a free Weave account. This means that the version ofWeave that you will be using is already loaded with crucial data sets from sources such as theCensus Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  You will be able to analyze, understand, and communicate your organization’s mission and impact, while using hard data about regional conditions to provide a context.

Of course, this opportunity is going to be less helpful to those who are not within an easy traveling distance of the MetroBoston DataCommon headquarters at MAPC.  What I would like to see is regional planning agencies and nonprofit associations in other states offer similar resources and trainings.


-Deborah Elizabeth Finn, Strategist and Consultant

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