MAPC and City of Salem Launch “Homes for Salem” Video Series

Homes for Salem video title

This week, MAPC and the City of Salem launched "Homes for Salem," a video series on housing in Salem. We talked to Salem residents and workers about the rising costs of housing, the housing market, the struggles many residents face to find affordable housing, and strategies the city could take to meet housing need.

While this video series focuses on Salem, stories of residents struggling to find affordable housing are common throughout our region. Many cities and towns are facing similar struggles to Salem and contemplating similar solutions. 

(MAPC produced this video series in-house! Click here to learn more about MAPC's housing work.)

Check out the videos below or on YouTube! Read Homes for Salem! housing concerns and response here.

Homes for Salem Part I: The Housing Market

Homes for Salem Part II: The Housing Need

Homes for Salem Part III: Meeting Housing Need

Homes for Salem Part IV: Spreading the Word

Homes for Salem: Full Video


Filmed and edited by
Alex Koppelman
Regional Housing and Land Use Planner II, MAPC

Project Managers

Karina Milchman, AICP
Chief of Housing and Neighborhood Development, MAPC

Tom Daniel, AICP
Director of Planning and Community Development, City of Salem

Amanda Chiancola, AICP
Senior Planner, City of Salem

Interviews Conducted By

Christian Brandt
Community Engagement Coordinator, MAPC

Francis Goyes
Regional Housing and Land Use Planner, MAPC

Alex Koppelman, AICP
Regional Housing and Land Use Planner II, MAPC