Accelerating Climate Resiliency Grants: Proposals Due Feb. 26

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If you had the chance to do one small project to prepare your city or town for climate change, what would you do?

MAPC is offering another round of Accelerating Climate Resiliency Grants to help municipalities advance strategies that protect people, places, and communities from the impacts of climate change.

Generously funded by the Barr Foundation, the $15,000 to $50,000 grants will fund projects, policies, and actions that will contribute to long-term resilience to climate change. While addressing the potential impact of climate change is daunting, MAPC hopes that the funded projects can begin to increase local preparedness.

MAPC recognizes the urgency in building community resilience today and seeks to leverage climate planning efforts into projects that enable communities to thrive in our time of climate change. These grants are a way to turn planning into implementation.

MAPC will award seven to 15 grants to local and multi-municipal projects preparing for climate change impacts such as extreme weather, sea level rise, flooding, and extreme heat. While thinking of project proposals, cities and towns should consider how they support equity for vulnerable populations, advance regional collaboration, measurably improve resilience, and create opportunities for learning or development of best practices.

Projects must address at least one of the following program priority areas:

  1. Nature-based solutions for climate resilience
  2. Municipal climate resiliency policy
  3. Innovative financing or infrastructure investment program models
  4. Climate coalitions or convenings
  5. Contributions to social resiliency or cohesion
  6. Projects that combine climate adaptation with climate mitigation
  7. Local food system or agricultural resiliency measures
  8. District-scale climate resiliency pilots
  9. Public outreach, marketing, and artistic, cultural, or creative projects

Looking for inspiration? Check out previously-funded projects on the ACR Grants webpage.

Proposals are due on February 26, 2021 and award announcements will be made in April 2021.

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