DLTA Spotlight: Win2030 Visioning

Photo by acme401, Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Photo by acme401, Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

DLTA Spotilight: Win2030: A Visioning Plan for Winthrop

Written by Operations Specialist Rachel Marx

District Local Technical Assistance, or “DLTA” funds, are state grants distributed among the state’s 13 Regional Planning Agencies (RPAs)including MAPCto provide cities and towns with money and technical staff to work on projects related to regional collaboration, economic development, zoning, and protecting the environment.  

Each month, MAPC will highlight a project made possible by DLTA funding.

In January 2021, MAPC completed Win2030 Vision, a visioning plan for the town of Winthrop. MAPC Principal Planner Carlos Montanez spearheaded the effort, which put forth a bold vision for Winthrop’s downtown revitalization, better transportation, and tourism.

Visioning is an important part of good community planning. It allows municipalities to understand community priorities to inform decision making for years to come. By doing a visioning plan, as opposed to visioning as part of a master planning process, municipalities can go deep and really learn what residents want for their future.

The planning process kicked off in May 2020, after having to adapt to the virtual world of COVID.  The Win2030 Visioning included committee meetings, two online bilingual surveys (Spanish and English), and two public online workshops. The two online Zoom public presentations and discussions were carefully paired with informational content and online community surveys for extended opportunities for community input. Dozens of people attended the workshops and nearly 800 people took the online surveys.

The MAPC team then took all of this feedback and distilled into a visioning statement and a collection of high consensus goals. Among the many aspirations for the town, the plan focuses on opportunities for future redevelopment, housing options, flood resiliency, increasing customer foot traffic, traffic calming, park protection, and expanded educational opportunities.

The plan also includes a list of 27 specific and multi-pronged recommendations of how to achieve these goals. These include steps such as identifying which publicly owned properties have transformative redevelopment potential and examining how the town can pursue various forms of mass transit and multi modal transportation options. The recommendations also detail technical assistance and funding opportunities the Town can use to help implement the vision.


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