Norfolk 2035

Image is a photo of a brown and white gazebo surrounded by a rock pathway, benches, and grass.
Photo Credit: Josh Fiala, MAPC
Norfolk 2035

Image is the Norfolk project logo. On the left in blue is an illustration of a gazebo inside a circle. On the right are the words: "Norfolk Master Plan 2035".

Help Us Envision Norfolk's Future!

The Town of Norfolk wants your feedback to help inform the master planning process, and to define a shared vision for Norfolk. This survey is confidential, and all questions are optional. It should take approximately 9 minutes to complete, and we appreciate your time and input!


Norfolk 2035 is a town-wide master planning process that will provide the basis for decision-making in Norfolk for the next ten years. The process allows Norfolk community members to evaluate the town’s strengths, identify issues and challenges, and envision the type of community Norfolk would like to be in the future.

The Town is working with the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) on the project, which is guided by a steering committee comprised of Norfolk Planning Board members and other at-large members. The process is strengthened through engagement with Norfolk residents, business owners, and other stakeholders.

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Upcoming Events

Norfolk Master Plan Workshop: Business Owners
June 26, 2023 | 7:00 p.m. | Location: TBD

If you own a business in Norfolk, we invite you to join this Workshop to provide your input on the Master Plan. Please reach out to Gloria Huangpu at to learn more about how to participate in this workshop.

Defining the Vision

MAPC is conducting background research and analysis to understand existing conditions for the different focus areas (like land use, transportation, community facilities, etc.). A series of engagement events will help MAPC understand local needs and challenges. Workshops will build consensus around shared community values, to inform a Vision to guide future work. Over the course of the process, goals, strategies, and actions will be developed and refined with the community to ensure the master plan reflects the desired future of Norfolk.

Working Towards a Plan

At the end of the master planning process, the Town of Norfolk will have a clearer understanding of what Town priorities should be and how strategic investments and other implementation efforts can achieve the community’s desired future. The Master Plan will provide a foundation for future decision-making by the Town’s boards and committees, including Town Meeting, and provide opportunities for the community to hold leaders accountable to achieving shared goals.

Phase One Project Timeline

The master plan is being completed in two phases, with Phase I culminating in May 2023. Phase II will be completed in early 2024.

Winter/Spring 2023
Existing Conditions Analysis
Spring 2023
Community Visioning
Summer 2023
Drafting Goals

Past Meetings

Workshop: Parents and Children Caregivers

May 24, 2023
This Workshop provided an opportunity to discuss issues that are important to families and allow them to contribute ideas to the Master Plan, especially for parents who may not have been able to attend the in-person Visioning Forum.


Norfolk Steering Committee #3

May 5, 2023
A review of feedback from the Norfolk Master Plan Visioning Forum and preparation for upcoming workshops.

Presentation Slides

Norfolk Master Plan Visioning Forum

April 25, 2023
A celebration of the launch of the Norfolk Master Plan, and an opportunity for residents to learn more about the project and contribute their ideas and input.

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Steering Committee #2

April 11, 2023
A recap of the first steering committee meeting, and an interactive conversation focused on engaging residents in the project.

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Steering Committee #1

March 14, 2023
MAPC introduced the project and shared early findings from the existing conditions review. Committee members shared ideas for the community engagement strategy.

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MAPC Contacts

Josh Fiala, AICP, AIA, LEED AP, Principal Planner
Andrea Harris-Long, AICP, Senior Planner

Town Contact

Richard McCarthy, Director of Planning & Development

Steering Commitee

Chad Peck, Planning Board Member
Chris Montfort, Planning Board Member
Eric Diamond, Planning Board Member
John Weddleton, Planning Board Member
Gary Sullivan, Planning Board Member
Melissa Meo, Planning Board Member
Kevin Kalkut, Select Board Member
Erin Hunt, Resident
Dan Feyock, Resident
Joe Burke, Resident
Jen Pittore, Resident

Master Plan Ambassadors

Charles Iacono, Resident
Pat Day, Resident
Colby Fillippelli, Resident