Discover the world of planning at the MAPC Open House

Have you registered for the MAPC Open House yet? Whether you’re completely new to MAPC, or you’ve gotten to know us through a specific project in your region or area of interest, there is always more to learn about the work that we’ve been doing, through this event!

In the past year, we created a Public Health department that has been busy with new projects like health impact assessments; PhotoVoice project with teens in Somerville, Everett, and Cambridge; and the opening of aqueduct trails for public use. Our Clean Energy division has expanded their work, and is helping cities and towns work collaboratively on energy projects like the collective buying of LED streetlights. Meanwhile, our Data Services and Transportation departments have been producing interactive tools like our Fix the T calculator and an expanded bike and pedestrian trailmap.

There are so many projects constantly taking place at MAPC–even among our own staff, we are always learning about all the fantastic projects that our peers on working on.

2012 MAPC Open HouseFor those of you who are newer to MAPC, the Open House is a great opportunity to learn what planning is all about. Odds are, if you are concerned about local issues related to quality of life and equitable opportunities, you’ll find that our work intersects with the subjects that you care about.

No matter your level of involvement with MAPC, if you’re interested in learning about:

  • Public health
  • Transportation
  • Clean energy & environment
  • Housing
  • how to lobby/advocate for causes and work with the media & politicians


  • You just like maps and snacks…

Then you should come to the MAPC Open House! It’s a great opportunity to meet our staff and other people who might share your areas of interest, while learning about MAPC’s work in the Greater Boston region. You can also check out awesome visualizations and maps with the MetroBoston DataCommon, which is now powered by WEAVE, a high-performance open source data analysis and visualization platform; unravel the mysteries of planner acronyms and jargon with our “Talk like a Planner” game; and collect raffle tickets to enter to win prizes like this

puzzle of mapc regionsweet puzzle of the MAPC region.

Did I mention there will be food and music, too?

Looks like planning just became more fun.


4th Annual MAPC Open House

January 29, 4-7 p.m., 60 Temple Place, Boston MA 02111