Police reform bill is first step of many to address police violence

Police Reform Bill is First Step of Many to Address Police Violence Statement from Executive Director Marc Draisen Thursday, December 3, 2020 Earlier this week, the Massachusetts House and Senate passed a significant bill to address issues of police violence against persons of color. The bill includes meaningful reforms in a wide variety of areas, […]

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Local Officials: Pledge to Take Action on Systemic Racism

Pledge to Take Action on Systemic Racism Our nation’s long-simmering tensions over systemic racism and police violence have resulted in important protests and conversations this summer, making one thing clear: now is a time for action. All of our residents deserve to feel safe in their homes and on our streets, and we can take […]

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Project PhotoVoice @ MAPC

A few weeks ago, Somerville teenagers got the chance to make their voices heard through the art of photography, documenting scenes ranging from a crumbling “Brick Wall to Nothing” to the “First Breath” of a newborn baby, as personal reflections on their neighborhoods and the concept of safety. Each photo was accompanied by a personal […]

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