MAPC Joins Boston’s Community Choice Electricity Program

MAPC joins Boston’s Community Choice Electricity Program By Senior Clean Energy and Climate Planner Julie Curti When MAPC staff can head back to the office, they’ll find a greener workplace: our downtown office is now officially a part of the City of Boston’s Community Choice Electricity Program! Also known as green municipal aggregation (GMA), community […]

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Green Municipal Aggregation Toolkit: Support Renewable Energy

Use MAPC’s Updated Green Municipal Aggregation Toolkit to Support Renewables in Your City or Town In 2014, MAPC pioneered an exciting model for green municipal aggregation (GMA). For more than five years, we have worked with communities to adopt, deploy, and support GMA. Municipal aggregation, also known as community choice aggregation, allows a city or […]

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Newton's Community Solar Share Initiative: Sometimes, the Answer is Hidden in Plain Sight

Typically, low income households pay a higher percentage of income for electricity than those in other income brackets. In Boston, for example, median-income households spend 2.8 percent of their total income on electricity on average, whereas low-income households spend 6.7 percent of income on electricity. At the same time, disadvantaged households often do not have […]

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