Food Systems Data

Food Systems Data

Food Systems Data

MAPC’s food systems database compiles Massachusetts food systems data and maps in easily accessible formats to encourage community-level understanding of local food systems, health, and demographics. Use this data to answer questions about food access in your area, map food retailers and demographic information, identify where residents are at a high risk of food insecurity, find nearby emergency food providers, and more.  

Datasets include: 

  • Food retailers, farmers markets, liquor stores, fast food outlets, tobacco stores, and pharmacies 
  • SNAP retailers in Massachusetts  
  • Healthy Incentives Programs (HIP) retailers 
  • Massachusetts emergency food providers 
  • Massachusetts Food Access Index scores  
  • SNAP/Food stamp enrollment 
  • Demographic information, including food insecurity rates and environmental justice populations 
  • Transportation-related spatial data  

The datasets below have been compiled and formatted for download as tables and maps. This data will be updated over time so that food system practitioners can continue to access and explore data on their local food systems.  

Food Systems Database

The food system database includes datasets related to local food environments and food security. This data is available as tabular or geospatial data. A selection of these datasets have been published to an online interactive map: click here to access this map. If you have additional food systems data requests, please reach out to

The table below is an overview of MAPC's food systems datasets, including the the name of the data set, description, source, date of last update, and link to access.