Rockland Master Plan 2019-2030

Union Street, Rockland, MA
Rockland Master Plan 2019-2030

Rockland Master Plan 2019-2030

December 2020: Final Master Plan Published

MAPC and the Town of Rockland are excited to present Rockland's 2020-2030 Master Plan, which sets forth the Town's roadmap to achieving it's long-term goals and objectives for the community. The Master Plan has been developed through extensive public outreach and planning.

Key goals of the plan include:

Land Use and Zoning

  • Facilitate two-family, multifamily and accessory dwellings by relaxing existing zoning regulations.
  • Create a walkable mixed-use node contiguous with historical and downtown districts; consider Rockland Plaza for a design and rezoning study.
  • Unlock the potential for residential and non-residential growth by addressing infrastructure challenge
Rockland Master Plan cover


  • Align housing goals with other town goals to achieve synergies between nearby civic/cultural assets, local businesses, and trails.
  • Explore smaller-lot shared open space pocket neighborhood subdivisions as another affordable downsizing option.
  • Continue addressing housing affordability through Inclusionary Zoning, Community Preservation Act funding and an Affordable Housing Trust Fund


  • Grow downtown Rockland via enhanced transit.
  • Improve the business districts (the downtown, Rockland Plaza, and Hingham Street areas) for walkability, safety, and aesthetics.
  • Make stronger Rail Trail connections to other assets.

Public Facilities and Services

  • Leverage Town Hall and Community Center as transformative multipurpose projects.

Sustainability and Clean Energy

  • Continue reducing energy use and improving renewable energy infrastructure.
  • Continue adopting sustainable and resiliency measures.

Cultural and Historic Resources

  • Promote key historic and cultural resources.
  • Promote Rockland’s unique history and cultural identity.
  • Enhance creative and cultural economic development.

Open Space and Recreation

  • Acquire open space and recreation land.
  • Protect and preserve Rockland’s natural resources.
  • Provide open space resources which meet the needs of youth and adults.
  • Maintain and manage existing open space resources.
  • Increase awareness of open space issues.
Rockland town offices

The Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) is assisting the Town of Rockland in creating a master plan to serve as the town's decision-making guide for land use, development, and preservation for the next 10 years. The master plan will build upon pertinent, recent planning studies to propose multi-pronged short-term and mid-term strategies to help the Town achieve its community development goals. The plan will recommend implementation actions to help the Town invest in its future and work toward its own goals for 2030.

Why Master Plan?

noun_map and pins_2270098

Identify preservation, enhancement, and growth areas

noun_child care_332981

Leave a legacy
for the next generation

noun_Qualitative research_229063

Inform decisions
on policies, bylaws, and zoning


Provide mutual certainty
for residents and businesses


Provide context
for town decisions

Planning Process

We'll be accepting feedback in a variety of ways up to the final plan presentation to the Planning Board in the winter of 2020. Each of these meetings will give community members the opportunity to give their ideas for and feedback on plan elements. MAPC and town staff will integrate community input into the plan at every stage. 

Public Forum 1

Monday, September 30

  • Process overview
  • Existing conditions and demographics
  • Key findings and recommendations from recent studies
  • Establish goals and vision statement

Public Forum 2

Monday, December 16

  • Economic development
  • Public facilities
  • Transportation

Public Forum 3

Winter 2020

  • Housing
  • Sustainability/energy
  • Natural/historic/cultural resources

Public Forum 4

Winter 2020

  • Draft plan
  • Vision
  • Analysis
  • Recommendations


We'll be posting more materials here as the planning process goes on! Check back for meeting presentations, draft documents, and other documents.

Community Meeting #2 - Transportation, Economic Development, & Public Facilities

Monday, December 16, 2019
6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m

Workshop Materials:


  • English and Portuguese: PDF
  • English: JPG
  • Portuguese: JPG

Community Meeting #1 - Help Shape the New Rockland

Monday, September 30, 2019
6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m

Workshop Materials:


For More information, Contact:

Jennifer Berardi-Constable, Assistant Town Administrator, at

Carlos Javier Montañez, MAPC Principal Planner & Project Manager, at