Integrating Arts in Transportation Planning

Artists, planners, engineers, transportation advocates, and government employees all gathered together last month for a workshop exploring the nuts and bolts of integrating art into transportation projects. On Friday, May 17, MAPC and Transportation for America hosted “Rails, Trails, Streets: Art in Transportation,” which focused on how art can enhance rail corridors, trails, and streets. […]

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Schools of Thought on Climate Change: MAPC’s Newest Art Installation

Climate change is already visible across the Metro Boston region, forcing individuals and communities to cope with increasingly severe weather, unpredictable harvests and workplace conditions, and greater risks from vector-borne and heat-related illnesses. MAPC’s newest art installation “Schools of Thought on Climate Change: Stories from Land and Sea,” integrates storytelling with public art to show […]

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Exploring Art’s role in Green Infrastructure

Article written by Deidra Montgomery, with content provided by Carolyn Lewenberg On Monday, January 29, more than 70 artists, arts administrators, and regional and municipal planners gathered at the New England Foundation for the Arts (NEFA) to learn more about the intersections of public art and the environment. The event, Art and Green Infrastructure, was […]

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