Equity in Clean Energy Webinar Series

Equity in Clean Energy Webinar Series

A series exploring what centering equity in municipal-level clean energy and climate planning and implementation can look like.


The Metropolitan Area Planning Council's (MAPC) Clean Energy Department is hosting an Equity in Clean Energy webinar series. The purpose is to explore what centering equity in municipal-level clean energy and climate planning and implementation can look like. Equity is a practice that takes into consideration the history, policies, power structure, and culture of a community and responds to these existing dynamics by calibrating tools and resources according to each population’s needs. With respect to climate change, it is how the impacts and responses to the issue, including costs and benefits, are distributed in and by society in equitable ways so that any burden or unintended consequences are shared. 

The webinar series engages municipal staff, community groups, and other local leaders in shared learning and discussion about ways that clean energy and climate planning and programs can advance equity in their respective communities. We aim to highlight projects and people who have been doing this work and share resources with as many people as possible. 

This webinar is funded by the MA Department of Energy Resources (DOER) Green Communities program and the Barr Foundation.   

Questions? Reach out to Francelis Morillo Suarez at fmorillosuarez@mapc.org 

Past Events

Equitable Access to Clean Energy Technologies: Models for EV Equity

September 20, 2023

At this event, attendees heard more about MAPC’s work in advancing EV (electric vehicle) equity, a local equity-focused EV Carsharing model, and EV charging infrastructure at multi-unit dwellings.

Equitable Community Engagement

April 25, 2023 

At this event, attendees heard a presentation on the introduction to equitable community engagement in planning, followed by brief introductions from each of the guest speakers and the community engagement work they do in their communities. Notes from the individual Q&A sessions can be found here!

Building Resilience Hubs

February 28,2023

At this webinar, attendees learned about resilience hubs, including different types of resilience hubs, their co-benefits, and their connection to climate resilience planning. During this virtual panel discussion, we heard from three practitioners who are currently working on building resilience hubs in communities around the country. The discussion touched upon the potential usage of clean energy in resilience hubs and the benefits and opportunities of effectively establishing and promoting resilience hubs in communities. 

Centering Equity in Climate and Clean Energy Planning and Implementation

December 19, 2022

This first event provided an introduction to equity in climate planning, followed by presentations and a panel with three guest speakers who have worked on equitable climate planning in their municipalities.


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