A Study in Magenta: Color Accessibility in MAPC’s Trailmap

MAPC’s Trailmap, the most comprehensive and up-to-date collection of biking and walking trails in Massachusetts, is back in its third iteration. This new-and-improved version of Trailmap allows users to search by address to find trails near them and provides easy access to detailed maps of foot trails, bicycle facilities, and multi-use paths. Users can see […]

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Roadworks: A Streamlined Digital Platform to Manage Street Openings

Massachusetts has some of the oldest natural gas main infrastructure in the nation, with pipes averaging 60 years old. To replace this pipe and other underground infrastructure, utilities need to navigate a patchwork of paper permits to dig up roads across the state. But they’re not the only crews working on our roads – the […]

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The Feedback-Induced Pivot: Retrofitting Apps to Better Meet User Needs

This post discusses the new version of MAPC’s MassBuilds application. The new version will be available to the public in late April.   This post was originally published by MAPC Frontend Developer Eric Youngberg on Medium. Read the original article here.   My favorite applications are the ones that work. There are many applications that […]

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